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MSP-1826 Automatic Screen Printer

MSP-1826 Automatic Screen Printer

Computer Controlled with Integrated Automatic Vision Alignment
This printer accommodates up to a 29" x 29" OD screen and includes an easy to use operator interface, unlimited recipe storage as well as automatic vision alignment of the substrate to the screen image.
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    The MSP-1826 takes the MSP-1825PC to the next level: full automation.

    All the precision elements of the MSP-1825 and MSP-1825PC are now combined with a fully automated vision system. The manually adjusted tooling stage is replaced by a servo driven tooling stage. The servo adjusted axis mechanisms allow the vision system to move the stage as required to precisely align the screen to the substrate. Combined with an optional programmable print head, the entire printer can be controlled through the Graphic User Interface (GUI).

    The MSP-1826 can be a fully automated stand-alone printer or it can be fully integrated into an automated assembly process.

    Key features include:

    • Electric Servo Squeegee Drive
    • Automated Vision Alignment w/Motorized X, Y, T Positioning Stage
    • Pneumatic Clamping Screen Frame Attach
    • Graphic Operator Interface, Keyboard and Monitor
    • Computer Control System w/Setup Recipe Save and Restore
    • Stand-alone, In-Line Capable Configuration
  • settings Specifications
    Machine Dimensions (W x D x H)66” x 75” x 60” (1.68m x 1.91m x 1.53m)
    Machine Weight (Approximate)1550 lb (705 kg)
    ControlsComputer Control
    Vision AlignmentAutomatic
    Print HeadMark III Torsion bar squeegee head
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    Squeegee DriveElectric servo motor
    Substrate TransportReciprocating workholder carriage
    Screen/Substrate Alignment MethodMotorized stage; micro-stepper motors for X, Y, Ø
    Carriage Position Repeatability±0.0002" (±0.005mm)
    Screen Position AdjustmentN/A
    Screen Frame AttachmentBolt-on
    Operator InterfaceGUI, computer keyboard and monitor
  • extension Print Head Options
    Printer Compatibility Computer Controlled Printers Only All All
    Pressure Control 4 Linear Servo Motors Pneumatic Torsion Bar
    Set Pressure Computer Input Computer or Touchscreen Micrometer
    Dual Squeegee Capability Yes Yes No
    Flood Blade Capability Yes Yes Yes
    Adjustable Angle of Attack Yes Yes Yes
    Programmable Pressure Yes Yes No
    Programmable Downstop Yes No No
    Squeegee Leveling Automatic Manual Manual
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Compare to Similar Models

MSP-1826 MSP-1825 MSP-1825PC
Maximum Screen Size (ID) 29” x 29” OD (736mm x 736mm) 29” x 29” (736mm x 736mm) 29” x 29” (736mm x 736mm)
Maximum Substrate Size 21” x 21” (533mm x 533mm) 21” x 21” (533mm x 533mm) 21” x 21” (533mm x 533mm)
Maximum Print Area 18” x 20” (457mm x 508mm) 18” x 20” (457mm x 508mm) 18” x 20” (457mm x 508mm)
Machine Dimensions (W x D x H) 66” x 75” x 60” (1.68m x 1.91m x 1.53m) 61” x 66” x 60” (1.55m x 1.68m x 1.53m) 66” x 75” x 60” (1.68m x 1.91m x 1.53m)
Machine Weight (Approximate) 1550 lb (705 kg) 1400 lb (635 kg) 1550 lb (705 kg)
Vision Alignment Automatic Manual Manual
Operator Interface GUI, computer keyboard and monitor GUI, computer keyboard and monitor Color touchscreen
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