Precision screen printers for the electronics industry since 1957.
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Screen Printer Machine Service

Machine Service

Our trained service technicians and engineers travel to your location to provide services such as preventive maintenance, machine operation training, maintenance training as well as troubleshooting and machine repairs. Annual and semiannual preventive maintenance contracts are available to ensure optimum printer precision and output throughout the year.
Maintenance & Repair

Maintenance & Repair Services

HMI offers many support services for existing HMI and AMI/Presco equipment in the field. These services include our ability to maintain, document and rebuild older equipment using our extensive inventory and our order library. We maintain a history of sales and equipment builds, parts and drawing records that currently extends back more than 30 years. Within this wealth of information is every part, diagram, layout drawing and specification for every piece of HMI and AMI/Presco equipment made in that time frame.

HMI can provide preventive maintenance, routine troubleshooting and major unscheduled repairs with the full support of historical documentation specific to the individual machine being addressed. HMI technical service personnel are available for phone support and field service, while HMI customer service personnel are available for documentation and spare part support.


Proper documentation for your equipment helps to expedite repairs and can improve your understanding of the machine's abilities, making your purchase both more dependable and more productive.

HMI can provide Operator Manuals, Mechanical Layouts and Electrical Schematics for your HMI or AMI/Presco equipment.

Please specify the serial number of your equipment to expedite all inquiries.
Machine Rebuild


HMI offers a rebuild service. Whether you are seeking to rebuild your own equipment or to purchase used equipment that has been rebuilt and is now available for sale, HMI can provide you the opportunity to own a precision piece of HMI or AMI/Presco equipment at a percentage of the cost of a new buy.

Factory rebuilding your own equipment is an excellent way to restore the quality and efficiency of the original product and to minimize your investment in upgrading your production capabilities. During the rebuild, it is possible for HMI to update and modernize your equipment so that it carries the latest improvements in reliability and performance back to your assembly process.

Rebuilt used equipment will have all the same benefits of rebuilding your own equipment, with the added advantage of being available to increase production capabilities by adding capacity to the line. Previously owned equipment acquired by HMI to be rebuilt is only sold as available.
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